Our Mission
Holocaust Survivor Helen Greenspun shares her experiences with educators - inspiring them to teach this important history and its lessons for today to hundreds of students each year.

The Holocaust Memorial Resource & Education Center of Florida is dedicated to remembering and teaching the lessons of the Holocaust as a means to combat antisemitism, racism, bigotry and prejudice. The Center's ultimate goal is to develop a just and inclusive community through its educational and cultural programs. Using the history and lessons of the Holocaust, we teach about the ultimate effects of hate and prejudice, and the need to encourage respect among all people.

We must continue to initiate thoughtful, sometimes difficult, conversations about the role of prejudice and marginalization in our daily lives. We must challenge intolerance in all its forms and advocate for justice. We must continue to take a leading role in activities that create a community where every person feels safe and valued.

Your generous gift can help sustain this important work so that we have hope for a more compassionate world in the future.

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